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Specialties: Business Development
Sales Innovation
Art of Persuasion
CRM Building
BCM Building
Sales Campaigns
Long-term Major Conversions
Capturing New Markets for Small businesses
Analyzing Markets
Sales Process
Sales Management
Commissions Plan Design
Sales Effectiveness

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D. Mark Agostinelli is willing to relocate globally to pursue new opportunities.

D. Mark Agostinelli has an emphasis in International Business. Primarily African business with special attention to Gabonese, and Nigerian culture. Mark has experience in these markets, and has a deep understanding on how to develop companies in such markets.

D. Mark Agostinelli is an Entrepreneur and a Business Analyst for a consulting and research firm that specializes in benchmarking how companies are leveraging people, process, and technology to optimize the way they market to, sell to, and service customers.

D. Mark Agostinelli has over 20 years of sales and marketing management experience. Mark began his career working with numerous sales companies that sold both products and services, large ticket and small ticket items to markets all over the world, including Asia, and numerous countries in Africa.
Mark then went on to launch multiple successful companies.

Over the past 20 years, Mark has trained over 1,000 sales executives. D. Mark Agostinelli has also developed a book of business that consists of over 225,981 Clients that are from all over the world. This book of business exists on a CRM that is capable of contacted all of them on command.

Mark is aware of the evolution of how the role of sales is changing, the challenges that are impacting sales performance, and most importantly what companies are doing to address those issues.



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D. Mark Agostinelli

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