“An employee that asks all the questions; eventually, has all of the answers.”D. Mark Agostinelli

D. Mark Agostinelli

“Never frown upon your team members if they ask too many questions.  There is no such thing!  Eventually, you will have excellent team members that will know a lot and pick up the slack.  The ones that ask all the questions; are the smart ones, not the dumb ones!” 

Agostinelli worked for FaceBook

Have you spoken to advertisng agencies that promised that they know how to market on Facebook and that they were Facebook Guru’s?

Well, D Mark Agostinelli worked for Facebook as an Analyst, during which he was a marketing expert for Facebook.  

In simple words, he was trained directly from Facebook how the internal algorithms worked and doesn’t just guess, compared to other agencies.

Do you need help marketing your page on facebook?

Do it the right way!

D Mark Agostinelli worked directly for Facebook.

D Mark Agostinelli Facebook Marketer - Business Analyst
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Past Projects

From years of experience, Agostinelli held executive roles and mentored companies that later grew to a success.  Here are some of his past projects:

About Agostinelli

Learn more about Agostinelli and what he has done in the past:

Lets Build "Your" Business

Reach out to D. Mark Agostinelli for any advice about your business.  With years of experience as an analyst for a Management Consulting firm he can potentially help you by identifying things that may be preventing you from building and growing. 

All consultations are FREE!

Mark has no problems spending some time to talk and offering free advice. 

Even if, there is no chance that you can work together. At least let him try to give you a few pointers.  

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D. Mark Agostinelli is offering free consultations over the phone or in person if you are located in Phoenix, Arizona area (West Valley)
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Need help with Editing Videos and getting them to perform on YouTube?

Thanks to years of business research and experience, D Mark Agostinelli is able to bring you the most comprehensive / broad spectrum bank of knowledge to you.  To help you overcome issues that may arise in your business. 

Ask for examples of Video Productions / Commercials that he has put together for Former clients 

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